Our First Full Week (Update 5)

Well we have now (we think) succesfully completed our first full week in Israel with no major traumas or setbacks!!!This morning I took off for Givat Shmuel (just outside Tel Aviv) to meet-up with Itay Zeman who had most graciously offered to accompany me on the on-going search for a car. We looked at a couple of used cars and a new one and I think we have decided to go with the new one. We will make a final decision by Sunday and then probably go to put a deposit down on the car. A 7 seater, which is closer to a station wagon than a mini-van (a station wagon plus we are calling it). So hopefully, we will have our new car within about 2weeks. Another, ‘why we made aliyah’ anecdote. Last night, a young kid (about 12) came by with a bucket of flowers. Apparently the kids compete to see who can get out earlier to sell flowers for shabbat. Aside from the fact that we got free delivery, each bunch of flowers costs only 10-15 shekels (the conversion rate is about4.5 to the dollar). What a great deal and it made us quite happy!!The bigger news than flowers at the door and our car(although the car rivals this) is that the port strike is over and we should, conceptionally, get our stuff within a couple of weeks. We are doing fine without our stuff and someone who made aliyah last year(Mark/Tzvi Richter for those of you who may know him)just donated his computer to us to use while they are in the States for the next few weeks. Now we have to get our ADSL line set-up and we will be off and running.As Romi mentioned, we registered Matan for camp starting Sunday morning for two weeks (for only 180NIStotal!!!). We were worried that he wouldn’t want to go, but we told him today and he seems excited. So, we will keep our fingers crossed and hope all goes well with that.That’s it from here. Thanks to all of you who have written and called, we really appreciate hearing from you. Our long-distance is still in a bit of flux but should be worked out shortly. Shabbat Shalom!!

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