Where’s the Balance?

As Muslim protests over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in Denmark and Norway grow more violent, I continue to return to one simple question…’where’s the balance?’

What do I mean? Not a day goes by when virulently anti-Semitic cartoons depicting Jews in the most obscene, grossly stereotypical ways do not appear in the Arab and often in the European press. Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias in the media has become so widespread that a cottage industry of organizations (Honest Reporting, MEMRI, The Israel Project and more) have cropped-up over the past five years whose sole goal is to fight this scourge.

Never once have have crowds of Jews massed outside of Arab or European Embassies demanding that the people responsible be beheaded (as happened in Pakistan today); or threatened to kidnap citizens of a particular country if there wasn’t an official apology issued by the government of the offending paper (as happened over the weekend in Nablus); or torched ‘the offending’ foreign embassies (as happened in Beirut and Damascus).

Where is the US State Department who said today, ‘The publication of cartoons that incite religious or ethnic hatreds is unacceptable’ when the incitement is against Jews and Israel? Why is it that followers of Islam are allowed to regularly incite against Jews and Christians, publish violent threats and carry out religious base violence against others but when the shoe is on the other foot, the world is asked to apologize?

Does no one see the hypocrisy? Where’s the outrage? Unfortunately, I only have the questions and am left wondering as no-one seems to have the answers.

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