What a Country…

After living here for a number of years, you tend to forget about the unique nature of this country and the originality of our interactions. We had a great day with the kids today. We took them to go bowling in Jerusalem and out to lunch. They had a great time bowling. Amichai has never been before and we weren’t sure if he would enjoy it. He had a fantastic time! He kept yelling “High Five” after throwing the ball each time. He didn’t quite understand what the point was, but he thought it was fun to watch the ball roll (slowly) down the lane and to watch pins fall. It was very cute.

Then, when we finished, we decided to take the kids to a great arts and crafts store to each pick out one project. Insane? Yes, probably. And we both regretted it as soon as we entered the store. But, the kids were very excited. Matan is incredibly artistic and he asked for a small canvas where he could do water colors. I sent him to ask the woman who works there about what paints to buy. She was enamored of Matan and then got excited when she saw his siblings. She thought it was so cute that we had three little boys – and then couldn’t believe we actually had four little boys (Eliav was in daycare) and…that there is another little someone on the way. She called over one of the other women who work there to see our cute boys – and then all of a sudden that woman was massaging my hand and saying that she was working to induce labor. She told me about the pressure points in my hands and was showing me all about it. I felt like I was in my living room with an old friend.

They ushered us out with all sorts of good wishes for an easy labor, a healthy baby, etc. and encouraged us to come back soon. The whole experience cracked me up – but it wasn’t until we left that I realized how “Israeli” the experience was and how funny and buddy-buddy people tend to be here.

So, now we’ve told the kids to save their art projects until the baby comes. Suites me fine because it means Josh can deal with the utter chaos of the projects!

Backtracking a bit, yesterday, Josh took the boys to the Kotel (Western Wall) where they all wrote notes and then had lunch in the Old City. They told me about their notes, and they all wrote that mommy should have a baby soon and that the baby should be healthy. I thought it was so amazing that, here they are on their summer vacation, going to the Kotel on a given day and writing notes to Hashem. Pretty powerful place we live!

Hope the next post comes from a tired lady with a new baby! Time will tell….

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