Dentists and Donkeys

Sometimes, I just have to laugh about where we live. We feel understandably modernized in our life here in the Middle East. We have computers, cell phones, cars and all of the amenities that we lived with in the States. But then, we get reminded of what a strange thing it is to live here, juxtaposed with cultures that are so different from our own.

I went to the dentist today in Efrat. On my way back, I was driving the five minute drive to get home, and I passed an Arab worker casually sauntering on the side of the major road with his donkey. His donkey? Yep. That’s right. I was headed back to my computer job doing SEO writing for a large collection of e-commerce sites, and he was walking down the street with his donkey.

It made me laugh as I passed him, thinking about my life back in the States and my friends and family there. I bet none of them pass by a donkey on the way back from the dentist! What a life!

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