It’s Raining Ice Cream!

Today, we went on a great family trip for the day. Josh and I were off today because it’s Shushan Purim. Yesterday was Purim for us, and today was Purim in Jerusalem proper because it is a walled city. So, that gave us a two day holiday for Purim. We took off early in the morning, went to the Promenade in Tel Aviv where the boys played and roller bladed, then went to Yaffo and had a great time walking around there and eating a yummy lunch. We met up with our friend, Itay Ziman, and our friend visiting from the States, Seth Coplin (and his son Benjamin,) and went to two more interesting areas of Tel Aviv.

While we were all eating ice cream in the evening, the funniest thing happened. Amichai, who is four, suddenly said to me, “Mommy! It’s raining ice cream!” I turned around to find him standing there, completely shocked and excited. Yes, it was indeed raining strawberry ice cream – from his hat! He had managed, somehow, to get enough ice cream on his hat that it was “raining” right onto his face. Even after I explained it to him, he continued looking bewildered and reported a few more times that it was so neat that it was raining ice cream.

Oh – to be a kid again : )

And here’s a cute one of the baby from today:

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