Playing Ball

My kids never fail to crack me up.

Friday night, during dinner, Josh was having a great imaginary ballgame with Amichai (almost 5) and Eliav (3). They were really getting into it. Josh was telling them to “go long” and they were running to catch the “ball” as it flew through the house. They were working up a sweat to catch this imaginary ball – I was actually impressed with how well they were using their imaginations. They would catch it with their teeth, with their tummies, and with their hands, and then hurl it back towards Josh.

After awhile, Josh told me to pretend to get hit by the ball. So, I “got in the way” of a throw and let the ball smack me in the head. As I lay on the ground pretending to be hit, the kids were laughing and giggling. When I still hadn’t gotten up after a few seconds, Amichai, looking at me like I was the biggest idiot in the world, said, “Mommy, you know, it’s just pretend! We’re using our imaginations. You can get up now.”

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