Going to the Dermatologist…or so I Thought!

It’s the small incidents in our lives that remind us that we are, indeed, still immigrants – and that we are destined to be so forever.
Deep sigh….

Matan and Yehuda both needed to see a dermatologist. So, two months ago, I called to make appointments. I was told by one office that a dermatologist on our health plan no longer works in Gush Etzion, but was then told by the next place that there is still a doctor around.

What luck! So, I booked two appointments ages in advance so that the boys could be taken to the dermatologist.

Last night was the date for their appointments. Josh rushed home from work…I rushed out to get them out of karate class early. I had to switch carpools for the karate pick-up with another parent…and we dashed over to the doctor’s office. I had a bad feeling from the start, since I couldn’t quite remember which office we were supposed to go to, or how to find the dermatologist. When we got there, we did see a dermatologist’s name on the door, but no one was in the office.

Fortunately, the secretary was still in the back, although she wasn’t technically working anymore that evening.

I peered in to talk to her and begged her to look up their appointments and to help me to understand where we were supposed to be.

“There’s no dermatologist in the building tonight,” she replied.

“Um,” I mumbled, feeling more stupid by the second, “there has to be.
I have an appointment for these boys!”

She looked up the appointment and announced that I had, indeed, made an appointment – with a Rheumatologist! A what?! I tried to explain that it just wasn’t possible, shaking my head and trying not to cry the entire time. Of course, my complaints grew quieter and quieter as I realized that I was definitely having an immigrant moment – and not one that was going to turn out well!

Well, I’ve learned to call the day ahead of time to confirm my appointments. I’ve learned what a Rheumatologist is. And…I’ve learned that I am, indeed, still very much an immigrant.

Just another day in a foreign country we call home.

Now, how exactly do I find a dermatologist and make the right appointment?

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