Talent That Skips Generations

I love seeing how artistic Matan and Yehuda are. And I’m not just saying that because I’m their mom. I am incredibly – depressingly – ridiculously – NOT talented when it comes to drawing, painting, clay work, etc. and I’m amazed when they can draw a bird in two seconds, or create an elephant out of clay, or paint Har Sinai with the flick of a wrist.

I love it even more because both of my grandmothers were artists in their day. Neither one, actually, was particularly artistic as a child, but somehow they both became more artistic as they aged. Both of my Nanas were amazing with clay, sculpting masterpieces that they displayed around their homes, and that my Nana Lee still has all over her house. Nana Shirley was also an artist with watercolors and paints, and we all have her work around our homes.

And here come my little boys – replicating their talents in an innate, incredible way. Matan had to make a Chanukiah to bring to school and he whipped up this one in less than an hour. I find it truly puzzling and intriguing how talents skip generations and then suddenly reappear.

May my boys continue exploring their many talents and expressing their creativity as they grow and change. And may we all enjoy a beautiful, peaceful and festive Chanukah this year.

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  1. You know why, of course. Who would be the "ooh, aah" squad for the artists, writers, singers and musicians, if mom was just as talented as her child?

    Keep enjoying the nachat, and the warm reminders of your dear nanas!

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