An Amazing Medical Day

It’s only fair when I have an incident like the dermatologist/rheumatologist one (see two blogs ago) that I counter that experience with a great medical experience. I’m still in awe of what happened today. Would the care work in a similar way in America? Would it work this way if I tried it on another day here? Who knows – but it sure was awesome today!

I have had a stomach ache for a few days that didn’t feel normal and I decided to stop being lazy and go to the doctor. So, I got an 8 am appointment today. I was 10 minutes early when I arrived (a miracle in and of itself considering how many little people I get out of the house each morning!) and he saw me five minutes early. He ruled out appendicitis (sigh of relief) and decided he wanted to do blood work and a few other tests and an ultrasound. As he was saying all of this and making the paperwork, I was thinking – how the heck am I going to fit this in to my work schedule and my life!

So, I left his office and went right over to where the blood work is done. 20 minutes later, I was done with all of the lab work and blood work. Then, I went to schedule the ultrasound – and she said that she had an appointment for today! Today!

I was at work on time this morning, and scheduled to be out briefly for the ultrasound this afternoon. I left work at 1:15, arrived at the office at 1:25 and was seen within two seconds. Ten minutes later, I was back on my way to work with a clean bill of health.

I’m in awe of how smoothly the process went today. Any one of those appointments could have made me wait an hour – and I could have had to wait a month to be seen. Instead, in the course of one day, I had everything done with ZERO wait time!

Hats off to the Israeli medical system today! And, of course, to a clean bill of health which we certainly should never take for granted.

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