Zeli’s Finally Walking

Here is a video of Azriel’s first steps! Yes, at almost one and a half, he is finally starting to walk. And yes, we think it’s just about the most adorable thing in the world. And, of course, he’s pretty darn proud of himself as well.

On a funny side note, we realized recently that Eliav, who is over three, didn’t seem to know Zeli’s real name. We asked him what Zeli’s name was last week, and the conversation went like this:

Me: Eliav, what’s Zeli’s real name?
Eliav: Zeli!
Me: Yes, that’s what we call him, but what is his REAL name?
Eliav: (Looking at me like I was insane) Zeli!
Josh: Right, but Eliav – your name is Eliav. We call you Lavi as a nickname, but your real name is Eliav. So, what’s Zeli’s real name?
Eliav: Zeli!

And on and on. We tried to teach him that Zeli’s real name is Azriel, but since we call him that about…let’s see….never! it’s not a surprise that Eliav isn’t catching on.

Ok – I just couldn’t resist…here’s another video of Zeli walking.

Thank you for humoring me, those of you who are still watching these videos and finishing the blog. I’m assuming your last name is Sussman, Weinhouse or Handell (aka Grandparents). : ) If anyone else is still here – thanks for humoring a proud mommy. Every once in awhile, it’s time to simply enjoy the milestones of a little one!

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