Purim – Fun CHAOS

This morning, I was reflecting on how EXHAUSTING and STRESSFUL this Purim stuff is. Nope, I don’t think that’s what Hashem intended – but it is really stressful to make sure that everything goes right. And, as the parent, you want it all to be perfect for the kids.

The day before Purim, the kids dress up in school. Now, keep in mind, they will also dress up for the Megilla reading at night…and in a different costume on Purim day.

So, before 8:00 this morning as they got ready to go to school we needed to:
Clean up Yehuda’s throw up in his bedroom from the middle of the night (don’t ask); get everyone up early to get ready; make sure Peter Pan had his bow and arrow; Rocky had his eye make-up and boxing gloves;Indiana Jones had his rope, gun, sack, boots and more; Superman had his costume (and didn’t pee in his new underwear); and the doctor had his scrubs on (and agreed to wear them).

Then, of course, Indiana Jones forgot his rope on the way to the bus and came back to the house crying (does Indiana Jones cry?), the doctor escaped from the house in the pouring rain and proceeded to sit in a puddle, and Superman refused to go to the bathroom.

Oy vey – what is a mother to do? Finally, all the superheroes, bad guys, good guys and medical personnel were ready for school. Of course, the hail and blizzard-like conditions made it a bit tricky to get everyone to school dry and safe – but, indeed, we finally succeeded.

Queen Ester never had it so stressful!

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