Buuuutiful Nails

My house cracks me up. I am living on such a boy-planet.

I had my toenails done on Friday, a treat that I LOVE having done about once a year. The second that Eliav, 3, got home he noticed my toes. He came right over to me, started petting my toes and said, “Mommy, your toes are buuuuutiful.”

Then, my toes became the center of attention in the house for the whole weekend. Everyone took part in it, admiring my toes, asking how exactly the paint got onto them, inquiring who it was who had done this for me, and on and on. I felt like a blond woman who suddenly found herself admired by the natives in the middle of a village in Africa.

And so, this morning, I wasn’t surprised, but I was certainly amused, when Eliav asked me to take my shoes off so that he could admire my toes, yet again. “Wow Mommy. Your toes are just so buuuuutiful.”

Another day in a house of hysterical boys.

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