Soldiers or Deer….You Decide

My kids seem to be misinterpreting a lot of things lately and their mistakes are hysterical. Today, Eliav, our 3 year old, is going on a big field trip. There is a deer park nearby that has a few dozen deer and other animals that the kids can look at and interact with in nature. It’s a lovely place and it’s called “Eretz Ayalim.”

So, we were sitting with Eliav last night and getting him excited for his trip. He explained that he certainly knew where he was going, and that he would be going to “Eretz Chayalim” to see soldiers. (Chayalim are soldiers in Hebrew.) No matter how much we tried to explain that he was going to see deer and not soldiers, it fell on deaf ears.

So, this morning as I took him to school, I said, “Have a great time today Lavi! Enjoy the deer!”

And he said, “Yep, we are going to Eretz Chayalim to see soldiers.”

All I could do was shake my head and laugh. He’s in for a big surprise today – unless, of course, there happen to be some soldiers in the deer park : ) .

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