The Caterpillar is Finished!

I’m so proud of the older boys today. Last year, I was complaining to my friend Devorah about my children and their reading habits. They weren’t reading for pleasure as much as I wanted them to, and she suggested a chart. I am very much NOT a chart person, a sticker person, etc. But, I thought this was an interesting idea.

So, Matan meticulously sat down and created a caterpillar with 100 little compartments. The goal was for the four of us (Josh, me, Matan and Yehuda) to read 100 books over the course of the school year. We set our sights to June 30 as our goal. We created a color coding for ourselves so that I would color in a purple circle when I finished a book, Josh would color in an orange circle, etc.

Matan, in particular, has really stepped up his reading this year. He’s been blazing through a series called “Minheret HaZman” where these two kids travel through time to all sorts of significant events in the history of the State of Israel. It’s an amazing series. While Yehuda has not been as prolific a reader this year, he’s certainly also felt the pressure to read and the enthusiasm about finishing the 100 book goal. Matan ended up reading over half of the 100 books! Yehuda read somewhere around 20 and Josh and I picked up the slack.

Now, of course, comes the expensive part. We promised the boys a night out to an expensive all-you-can-eat meat restaurant if they got to the goal….AND a day at an amusement park. Oy vey! Serves us right!

But we are very proud of them. And, last night, before he went to bed, Matan already created the next chart.

The Summer Goal? 40 books by the end of August. We’re working to save the money for their next reward now!

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