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Those Rowdy Adults in Neve Daniel

Taking a walk through the yishuv last night was an invigorating process, and not because it got my heart rate up. As Josh and I headed out for our walk, we came across music blaring from a house.

I said to Josh, “Uh oh…which parents are away? Who’s going to get in trouble tonight?”

As we got closer, and were wondering if we were going to have to call parents, we realized that the music was….part of a Zumba class! The music was blaring, and the moms of all ages and sizes were Zumbaing away and having fun in someone’s basement.

Giggling, we kept walking, and came across another house with loud music pulsing from the backyard. Again, we assumed the kids were partying while the parents were away; and again, we were confronted by a family hanging out and enjoying the evening together.

And then we came to the real treat. Walking further, we were struck by the chords of blues music rising from deep in a basement. This time, we realized early on that it was our dear friends and their four person band. We descended the stairs and entered their house to find the foursome practicing some good ol’ fashioned blues. The wife had her harmonica set in front of her (with at least 20 harmonicas from which to choose), and her drum ready to go in her hand. They had pushed all furniture to the side in their family room/dining room and were belting out blues, tapping their feet and enjoying the summer night.

We stayed for two songs, deeply appreciating every minute of the fun and gaiety, before we proceeded back up the stairs with a wave and an extra spring in our step.

While we often assume it’s the kids making all the noise in the yishuv with loud music and too much action – it was a breath of fresh air to see the adults getting into the action last night.

The energy in Neve Daniel is alive and well. Even after the kids are in bed and dreaming about tomorrow’s adventures, the adults are making those adventures come true…today!

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