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Longing for a New Dawn

Words fail me at the moment…but I feel the need to capture a tiny bit of our activities tonight on paper – or on cyber paper as you will.

Yarden started his 12 hour long, one-man bike-athon tonight to raise money for families like his that have been struck by illness. He told us about his crazy idea a few weeks back – maybe a month ago – and we both understood that it would help him to redirect his energy; to have something to focus on besides cancer.

What we didn’t realize at the time was how much it would come to mean to so many of us, and what it would represent. It’s not easy to help a family in need; sure, the Frankls have been receiving some assistance with meals and they’ve had many friends drop by, call, email and show support. But there is so much more that people want to do – and they’ve been able to show that desire through the Longing for the Dawn Ride.

Yarden has raised 66,000 shekel so far (and counting! You can sponsor him still at 66,000 shekel. It’s just amazing.

And one of our friends came up with the idea of creating awesome t-shirts and surprising Yarden with them on the night of the ride. Another friend created Yarden’s website and logo for him and has been in charge of much of the behind the scenes work. Someone else had the idea to place balloons all around the yishuv before the ride so that Yarden would see them as he rode and would know that everyone was supporting him and Stella. The youth group kids were out all afternoon putting up the balloons.

And, of course, another few friends are staying up all night, driving behind Yarden, refilling his drinks as needed, protecting him on the road and more. They are facebooking updates as he moves from one location to another and even have a url where people can track his ride. (Email Josh for more information or look at Josh and Yarden’s facebook pages.)

Finally, a few people asked if there could be a kick-off of sorts, and we just came back from the most beautiful and moving kick-off. The Rav spoke, then Yarden tried to speak (but was too choked up to do so) and then Yarden did a lap around the top of the yishuv with 75 children who were all riding bikes, scooters and other vehicles with him.

It was priceless.

And beautiful.

And amazingly moving.

And as Yarden rides through the night tonight, so many of us will be thinking about him and about Stella. And longing – so deeply longing – with the two of them and their beautiful family, that we should see a new dawn soon; one filled with health for Stella.


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