The Nostalgic Jumper

There are times when little things in my life make me nostalgic and remind me how far we’ve come in our journey. This cute little blue jumper that Yakir put on this morning is one of these things.

11 years ago, when Matan was a baby, we enjoyed a few weeks of rest in Burlington, Vermont (one of my favorite spots in the world) with my in-laws. We were at one of those scrumptious arts and crafts fairs when we came across this jumper. The artist was selling many beautiful items of childrens’ clothes and I couldn’t resist this one.

As I went to purchase it, she asked me if she should put a child’s name on it for me. It would make it so personal and cute. My mother-in-law and I looked at each other and thought about it for a minute. It sure would be cute that way. But wait a minute, we discussed; what if I had another boy sometime and then he’d be walking around with “Matan” written across his chest.

No, we decided, it would be better to leave it off in the event that I had another boy who might want to use the jumper.

Little did I know.

Now, 11 years later, it’s one of the items of clothing that has gone from Matan to Yehuda to Amichai to Eliav to Zeli and now to Yakir. I’m sure we have other items that have made it through all six of them, but this one seems to be the closest to my heart.

I got a kick out of it this morning when I put it on Yakir for the first time and watched him prance around the house. I was taken back to all of my other experiences with all of the other boys who wore it.

Who would have thought that this jumper, which doesn’t include the name “Matan” written across the chest, would get quite so much use.

(It even has a little car on the tush!)

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