Our Souls…8 Years Later

It’s almost impossible to believe that this:

has turned into this:

We got on the plane eight years ago today. I was filled with so many emotions – when I look back on it it’s hard to imagine the strength that it took to do everything. I once said to someone that the challenges I faced emotionally before making Aliyah were far greater than any of the issues that I’ve had since. It’s certainly not easy to leave the stability of a perfectly content life to walk into the unknown. And as anyone who has had to do it knows, it’s certainly not easy to leave family.

And yet we came for a vision, for a dream and for a way of life for our children.

It’s not often in life that a person is able to take a stand with his physical body.

It’s not often that a person is given the opportunity to connect to and honor thousands of years of her people and her history.

This video, celebrating Nefesh B’Nefesh’s 10 year mark, shows the amazing things that people are doing in Israel and the ways that Nefesh has paved the way for all of us to live our dream.

And this video shows our Aliyah day. We are here a number of times – me calming a sleeping Yehuda (time 2:05), Josh davening (time 2:47), Matan saying “My Soul” (time 3:05)and me saying “My Soul” (time 3:06)and the best one with us descending the plane at 4:05.

What an amazing gift we’ve been given; the chance to live in our homeland and to be a part of the history of our people…and their future.

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