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The Balancing Act

Yakir is about the huggiest kid I’ve ever met. I know most kids like to be hugged and loved – but this guy is amazing. He enjoys curling up in my arms and squeezing; he loves to cuddle with me when he drinks his bottle and as he’s going to sleep; and he will stop activities that he’s doing to come over for a quick fix.

Now, this is not to say that he isn’t one of the biggest maniacs that you’ve ever met.


He’s a crazy man.

When he isn’t hugging and cuddling, he’s jumping off of sofas, diving head-first into a brother who is quietly laying on the ground, and hurling himself out of my arms.

And here in lies my blog post.

Yesterday, Yakir and I were playing a game. He was running around the yard, and then every few minutes he would reappear on my lap to play. Facing me with one leg on either side of my lap, he would bounce, bounce, bounce, pretending that I was a horse bouncing him around.

And then I’d yell, “Cuddle time!” and he’s stop what he was doing, wrap his arms around me as tight as he could, and hug.


We kept doing this (over and over and over again…man these kids enjoy repetitive motions) and it got me thinking.

This, really, is such a metaphor for life.

Bounce, bounce, bounce…suck the marrow out of life…enjoy every minute…strive to achieve, to dream, to reach for the stars….

But then, quick! Make room for cuddle, cuddle, cuddle…remember to save some time for cuddling in the midst of the bouncing…take the time out of your bounce for quiet reflection, for that terrific hug from someone you love, for mental space, for balance.

75% bounce and 25% cuddle.

Sometimes less of one and more of another, but it’s the balance and the mix that makes for a great ride.

Right Yakir?

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