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Mezuzah Musings

Today was one of those days where Hashem decides to pop a head in and say hello.

We went to visit my 91 year old grandmother (SH! her age is a secret, but I think she’s 91). I haven’t seen her in three years and it’s been a very difficult time for her, full of transitions.

About ten minutes into our visit at the home where she’s recently moved, there was a knock at the door. Josh went to answer it and seemed to be talking to someone for quite awhile. I couldn’t fathom who it could be.

So, when I went over to check out what was going on, I saw that a maintenance person had arrived…to affix a mezuzah to her door.

My uncle has apparently been trying for five months now to get the mezuzah affixed – and the maintenance person just happened to arrive to do so in the 45 minutes that we were in her room.

I got chills.

And so, we all watched as Josh took the mezuzah from the maintenance guy and asked for the honors of putting up the mezuzah himself. We gathered together, Nana’s, daughter, her only granddaughter and six of her great-grandchildren, as her grandson-in-law put the mezuzah up on her door.

Thanks for that moment, Hashem.

I have missed out on many, many moments in the last three years (and the years before that too) and those moments are painfully clear to me.

Today, I didn’t miss out.

And I was there for a very significant moment, able to help my Nana to make her new apartment a home. Wow.

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