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Banding Together

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are the simplest. A few weeks ago, a teenager in the neighborhood, Noam Shire, had the idea to make bracelets as a way to support Yarden’s upcoming ride.

It was brilliant.

And so an idea was born and the steps were quickly taken to make the idea become a reality.

It is such an amazing feeling for those of us who love the Frankls, from near and far, to have something to DO; some action to TAKE; a way to say “Yes, we are HERE with you.”

And these bracelets do just that.

When the bracelets arrived, my kids couldn’t wait to put them on and to proudly show that they were part of Stella’s Army.

Yes, even the two year old is showing his spirit.

I sometimes forget that my children are going through this struggle with us. They love Stella just as much as we do, and they feel just as helpless as we feel at times. And so, this project has allowed them to get out and help. They’ve combed the yishuv, selling the bracelets to everyone in the neighborhood (and raising, 2480 shekel as of tonight!) and they’ve found a few interesting ways for us to use our bracelets.

These little yellow bands are, first and foremost, an amazing part of the fundraising efforts that Yarden has put into place for Shaare Zedek. Should we sell all of the bracelets, we will have raised an additional 50,000 shekel ($10,000)to benefit the patients at Shaare Zedek.

Even more so, on a personal level, they are a visible way to say that we are fighting, in a united way, against cancer. That we stand with the Frankls in their fight and that we are there for their family. When we were at shul today, the boys were pointing out all of the people that they saw wearing bracelets.

“There’s one! Wait – there’s another one. Look, there’s one!” And on it went.

And this, really, is the point. How powerful will it be if we can show the Frankls a sea of shimmering yellow bands every time that they leave their house? Every time that they go on Facebook this week and see the bands being sold in Potomac, Pittsburgh, Texas, California, New York and beyond?

And, how amazing will it be, this coming Friday, as Yarden makes it back into the yishuv after riding half of the way across the country, for him to see his yishuv greeting him armed with Stella’s Army bracelets.

One small idea with big potential.

If you haven’t yet given to Yarden’s ride, you can learn more about it here and make your donation.

If you’d like to be part of Stella’s Army, you can find someone selling them at many locations. Drop me a line and I’ll let you know where to get a bracelet.

The latest fashion statement – the latest way to tell your friends you love them while raising money for cancer patients.

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