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Just Because

There are some truly amazing people in the world, and I feel blessed when I get the opportunity to meet one of them.

We’ve been leasing a car for two and a half years and our lease is just about up. It’s our first leasing experience and we are trying to tread through the waters of this process.

Yesterday, I spoke with a nasty representative of the leasing company who sent me into quite a tizzy. He led me to believe that we would end up in the red, owing the leasing company more money than the car was worth and without the funds to buy another car.

Resurfacing after my panic attack, I got in touch with Zvi Cars, who sold our Peugeot a few years ago for us (no small feat). Through my tears of frustration and fear, I painted a picture for Ezra of our future – of my carless children trudging to school in the snow, up hills, in both directions. Feeling intense pity for me, he told me that I should talk to his partner, Zvi, who is an expert in this area.

Ezra said that he would call Zvi for me and that I should then call Zvi myself a few minutes later. When I called him, Zvi picked up the phone and immediately said,

“Romi, before we talk about the car, I need you to remember that this is all shtuyot (silliness). This is a car we are talking about. Your family is healthy, you have a job. None of this really matters in the big picture and it will get taken care of.”

Is this the typical line that you’re familiar with hearing from your neighborhood car salesman?

I, for one, am definitely not.

We talked about my situation and I explained my frustration. Zvi offered to meet me at the leasing company any time this week to negotiate with them.

And so we did yesterday.

Zvi took two hours out of his own schedule, and potential sales out of his pockets, to help me with my predicament. He turned down payment; he turned down an icy cold drink that I begged him to take.


He wanted nothing from me.

I’ve never bought a car through him.

And he knew that I probably wouldn’t be buying one from him now.

When we finished with the leasing company and favorably resolved things with them, Zvi accompanied me to the Honda dealer where we were hoping to purchase a hybrid. He even went so far as to advise me against buying something from his company, saying that I had probably found the best deal possible with Honda. Now that’s integrity.

He walked me through this process because I was financially worried and scared. And because he wanted to help out an Olah (immigrant) in need.


Thank you, Zvi, not just for helping me through a difficult situation, but for reminding me about priorities and balance and helping others, just because.

And now, we can start to dream about our little red sports car (ok, it’s not a sports car, but a mother of six can dream)!

Should you need to sell a car or buy one at some point, don’t hesitate to call Zvi and Ezra at Zvi Cars. Mentches aren’t made everyday.