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An Hour Away From the Storm

Maybe a year ago, when Yarden and Stella were being asked all the time what people could do for them, Yarden decided to turn the tables…on us. He very sweetly wrote a blog, explaining that the Frankls really didn’t need much of anything at that point. But boy could those Sussmans and their “dozens” of children use some assistance. Gotta love great friends.
People very sweetly pounced on the idea, asking what they could do for us (not much, but thanks!) and how they could help (I didn’t get any offers when I told them they could take my baby for a night…hmmmm).
At the time, one very sweet friend told me that she would like to offer me a free reflexology session. It was a charming offer and one that I wanted to take her up on…but I never had time. Between juggling the kids, the job, the housework and everything else, I just don’t have the room to put my feet up for an hour and enjoy.
And so I smiled, said thank you so much, and filed the offer away in my brain.
A year later, when Yarden recently wrote a post about being back in the throws of cancer-hell, I got a text. The message said something like, 

“Yala! Let’s do it. Tell me when you’re coming for a session. No excuses.”

And I sat there looking at my phone and laughing. A year later, and she was still thinking of me and urging me to take the time for myself. So, I wrote back something like, “Ok! We’ll do it.” And then I got back to my life.
Then, I ran into her on the way to an event at my kid’s school last week and she urged me to call. “You really should call already,” Josh said. And he was right.
So, last week I booked the appointment. As the day came, I thought about the 50 errands I could be running instead of getting reflexology and the laundry I could be folding. But I told that side of me to quiet down and I headed for their house.
And I enjoyed an hour of pure bliss. Relaxing in her lounge chair with music playing in the background, I was able to simply enjoy the session and the chance to take while another gave.
I was deeply touched by her desire to give to me and by her persistence in getting me to come over a year after she initially had the idea.
Thank you to the lovely person who got me to stop, relax and enjoy for one hour. It was worth the one year wait!

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