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Mianzi: Products that Make a Difference

People are always posting things on Facebook and encouraging others to take a look. Sometimes I take a look, and other times I pass things by. Someone who I greatly respect in our community recently posted that his cousin is creating an amazing product and that it is worth a look.

And so I looked.

Now, I have absolutely no stake in this company. I don’t know the owner personally and I have nothing to gain from it.

But boy is this a lovely idea. 

The creator of this product on Kickstarter, Richard Nachum Kligman, lives in Bet Shemesh (about half an hour from us).  He has an impressive background as the Co-Founder & CEO of SportsFan.me, Founder of Ideago Start-Up Labs, Founder of Viewbix, Founder of Mianzi Fashion, President of KosherVend Ltd., Co-Founder of KidsOutlet.com, Co-Founder at BabyAndMeGifts.com, and more.

He explains that his latest venture, the Mianzi clothing line, came about as a result of his son’s needs. His son, Moishy, has cerebral palsy and low muscle tone in his mouth. His son was returning from school every day in a bib, and Richard wished that there were a better alternative for his son, and for others like him. While trying to find a shirt for his son that was high quality, quick-drying, anti-bacterial and absorbent, Richard realized that such a product just didn’t exist in the market.

And so, rather than sighing and getting back to regular life like most of us would, he created the Mianzi line of shirts. The video here explains a great deal about the product and about how it serves both the special needs community and others.

They are approximately half way to their mark of getting the $19,000 that they need to start producing these shirts. Whether you have a special needs child who could benefit from such a product, you like the idea of owning a high quality sports shirt, or you just love the entrepreneurial spirit that people like Richard have, think about joining in this amazing endeavor. Even a pledge of $1 will be appreciated.

Moishy, and thousands others like him will thank you.

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