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Zumba Anyone?

Yesterday, I experienced one of my all-time favorite parenting moments. We took my in-laws to the old train station which has been totally renovated and revitalized. It is an amazing location to walk around, enjoy a day out and check out the array of free entertainment that they have available at all hours.

There was a series of dance routines happening when we arrived and the kids were enthralled by the activity. The four younger ones plopped down and enjoyed watching the dancing while the older boys and Josh took the in-laws on a tour of the area.

Here was one dance routine everyone enjoyed.

Then, we moved away from the dancing area to enjoy some Re-Bar (a delicious juice bar).

Here’s a different son enjoying his Re-Bar.

While we were drinking and waiting for the rest of our order, my 8 year old came rushing over. “Mommy!” he began. “The dancing is over and now they are doing Zumba. Anyone can join! Mommy, will someone come with me?”

Despite my explanations to the contrary, he simply wouldn’t accept that no one was planning to join in a very public Zumba routine with him in the middle of the train station.

So, we went back to sipping our Re-Bar. And then, out of nowhere, another of my kids yelled, “Mommy! Come quick! He’s dancing.”

And there he was, my adorable, generally reserved and self-conscious 8 year old swaying his hips and bopping to the music. He was in the midst of 30-40 women who were all following the routine of the Zumba instructor. And he was dancing and concentrating hard enough that he did NOT look like he was having fun while working incredibly hard to keep up.

It was so out of character and so adorable, we all started cheering and giggling. “Mommy,” my oldest declared, “Give me your phone quick. I’ve got to get this.”

And he did get two adorable videos. But we’ve decided to keep them within the family, and to use them only for higher purposes like making Stella laugh when she saw it on Friday.

I loved the spontaneity of the moment; the complete lack of inhibition that he showed and the desire to do something entirely out of character. Day one of sukkot and my sukkot vacation is complete – that was a moment to savor for the ages.

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  1. I love this! I love that your anonymous child decided to let go, and get his groove on. I love that you shared it with Stella. I love that you didn't share it with the world — except in this very unembarrassing way (so that years from now, A. Sussman will enjoy it with you, rather than using it for his reason for writing his anti-Mommy memoir). Good parenting. Keep having fun with those wonderful lads!

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