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Lessons From Our Kids In Trying Times

These are not easy times, to say the least. Each of us is trying to get through it the best we can. We all have our own red lines over which we try not to cross, hoping that these lines in the sand will keep us safe.

You see, we are fighting this war in our own backyard. Because some of the Arabs around us want to kill us.

Yes, you read that right.

They want to kill us.

And the bottom line is that we simply want to stay safe. We want our kids to survive the summer.

Can I write that again?

While most people around the world are trying to entertain their kids, keep them busy and happy this summer – my goal is that they should LIVE through the summer. That they should survive this situation unscathed.

Yes, that’s where we are.

And while we feel safe in our homes and neighborhoods, we are quite conscious that there are Arabs who would set off fireworks and dance in the streets if they managed to kill us.

So last night, we were debating with Matan about something he wanted to do today. Should he be allowed option A, option B or option C? Which will keep him safest without forcing him into restrictions that are perhaps unnecessary, perhaps excessive? How does one know what’s excessive when it comes to the safety of their children?

We decided on option B. Josh and Matan were comfortable. But as we got into bed, I went back upstairs where Matan was making a midnight snack (he is, after all, a growing teenage boy) to let him know that I would leave work if necessary to drive him somewhere; that I would run to get him if he wanted me to.

“Mommy,” he said, pointing the spatula at me, “You’re letting them win.”

“What?” I said, taken off-guard but knowing full well what he had said.

“Mommy,” he explained, “you’re letting the Arabs win with your fear. I’ll be fine. Go to bed.”

“I know Matan,” I said. “I hear what you’re saying, but I just…I just want you to live.”

“I know Mommy. I know.”

Another day.

Another day of trying to get through unscathed while praying for our soldiers in the South and in all corners of the country fighting to keep us safe.

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