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Hummus, Smiles and Donations

We’ve been watching the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with interest. At first, it appeared to be frustrating. Why was it created so that people could EITHER pour freezing cold water on their heads or actually make a donation? Why not do both? People do appear to have caught on to the idea of doing both, which has been nice to see. And the ALS Association has had an astounding response.

Then, we saw another challenge that was even closer to our hearts. A few adorable soldiers got together to create the Hamas vs. Hummus challenge. And this we truly couldn’t resist. What could be better than smearing hummus all over our faces AND donating money to the Friends of the IDF to help soldiers who have been working night and day to protect us?

Here is the original video:

So when my father challenged us on Thursday, we decided that we would do something creative. We would combine the two, and make donations both to ALS research and to our soldiers. Here is the result:

It’s been a long, difficult summer. If we can get our kids to smile for a few minutes of hummus fun, while donating money to the much deserved organizations, then we have certainly fulfilled our job for the day.

Hummus faces!

What about you?

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