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Light Up the Night

Last night, we made plans to take all six kids out for their grades, but in the end, only three came with us (teenagers, they are so busy!) We went to Beit Hakivun, a restaurant we’ve never been to before. It’s on the bike path at the Old Train Station and we’ve walked by it a million times. We decided to finally try it out and it was great!

Then, it was time for the Jerusalem Light Show. The city pours a great deal of time and energy each summer into creating community activities and one that we enjoy the most is the light show. This year, they’ve had an added feature on the walls of the Old City for the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification. For weeks already, they’ve been showing a 10 minute light show that chronicles the history of the Jewish people up until 1967. It’s an incredible display and a very powerful piece of Zionism. Yep, I cried. Would you expect otherwise? There were thousands of people watching with us and almost everyone was singing along and ooing and aaing at the appropriate times. Watch it here – it’s quite a treat!

There is a count-down to the show…

Five more minutes, guys!

The rest of the Light Show was fun, if not the best this year. If you go, I recommend you see the show on the Old City walls, walk the path to the Hurva and then go home!

It’s well worth the walk to the Hurva Synagogue where they have done an amazing light display. The rest of the Light Show was fun, but not as fantastic as it has been. 

But, what a joy to walk around the Old City with three of our boys in tow.

Winner for the cutest moment of the night? That was when we walked by an old building and one of the kids yelled out, “Look, it’s a spinner on the side of that building!”

You can take the kids to the Old City, but you can’t take the modern influences out of the kids.

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