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Gal Gadot Arrives in Gush Etzion!

And I’m back. Yesterday, we left Solomon Souza in action as he created a graffiti art piece on one of the walls in the office where I work. He was commissioned to do this work as part of a project on Jewish identity being created by Jerusalem U and Micah Smith. We left off around here, as he was finishing developing the five figures seen on the right in the picture below. I found the chains to be an interesting choice…are they chains that bind or chains that connect?

Today, when I returned to the office, I was disappointed to hear that he finished yesterday afternoon. I was hoping to catch him in action again with his blaring music, his mask and his scattered bottles of spray paint. Oh well. But it was fun seeing the finished product, which extends to the right from where he left off yesterday:

In addition to the five Jewish figures, it now includes Shabbat candles, DNA swirling towards a Torah scroll…and Gal Gadot.

We can now say that Gal Gadot has been to Gush Etzion to see us. It’s interesting that he included this in an art installation about Jewish identity. We will have to wait for the final video to learn more. Hopefully, they will interview him about the piece and I’ll be sure to share it here when it comes out.

Love to hear your reactions to, and opinions about, this artwork.


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