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And So It Begins, Again

It’s the first day of school tomorrow, and this always makes me a bit sentimental. Living in a small country, there are certain dates that bring everyone together – and September 1 is one of those dates. School starts for the entire country on the same day (until they get into high school, that is) and everyone feels the energy, nervousness and excitement at the same time. I decided to take a bit of a trip down memory lane to see how many years we’ve been documenting the first day of school. We didn’t always take the picture in the same place (that started in 2010), but we’ve almost always tried to capture the kids on that first day.

Year 2000: Just Matan
2002: Two guys starting school together

I guess we got very busy for a few years, moving around the world, having more kids…so we only started to be consistent in 2007. And here we go!

2014: Matan actually started earlier and we photoshopped him in!

And this year, well, some people would say that it’s time to stop taking pictures. Matan finished 12th grade and left for Yeshiva a few weeks ago. The picture thing is over. And Yehuda left for school last week. But that won’t stop THIS mom! No way. What did I do instead? Last week, when I realized that everyone was home before Shabbat, I set them up on the stair and took this year’s picture. I actually made a few of them get out of their Shabbat clothes so that the picture would look more authentic. Certain people might be having a hard time letting go of traditions. And kids.

Yes, there was some eye-rolling, but there was no arguing. The kids know me well.


And then when we couldn’t remember which direction we’ve taken the pictures in in the past, we moved around a bit.

As much as I don’t want to think about it, I’m willing to concede that this might be the end of the first-day-of-school-picture-for-all-kids-at-the-same-timeĀ  road.


Or it might not.

Here’s to a wonderful school year for all of our kids filled with great learning, excellent friendships, personal growth and fun.


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