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4 Fun & Frivolous Finds

I’ve typically used my blog for deep, thoughtful posts and meaningful experiences. But I’ve realized that it’s fun to share cool finds and interesting tidbits as well. So, for today’s absolute fluff, I present you with four items from our recent trip that have made me smile. Two are self-indulgent items and two are for the kids.

1. I love bath supplies…even though I don’t have a bath tub. Yes, I enjoy irony. My kids have an enormous tub – enormous – but I’m not really interested in spending the money to fill that darn thing or in soaking in their tub unless I scrub it really well first (and let’s be honest here…) so when I go on vacation I relish the opportunity to use a clean, relatively small tub. Hence, the bath products. While we were in LA and shopping at the you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me-with-this-renovation Century City Mall, I popped into one of those amazing bath and body stores. And I got this little treasure – the LUSH Rainbow Fun.

What makes this product so cool is that it feels like play dough in your hand. You can make it into shapes (if you want to let your kids use it, which I don’t) and play around. And then, as you rub it in your hands, it turns into a lather. This lather can be used as shampoo, body soap or bubbles! Ingenious! As a side note, what’s with the picture of the guy on the side of my soap? As I was pulling off a piece the other day to lather up, I saw this sticker on the package. It was a bit weird to have Taylor’s picture there in the shower with me. Are all products packaged these days so that you get to know who made it for you, with the worker’s cute little picture right there?

2. Skechers: We’ve been in their stores many times and I’ve bought my kids athletic shoes through the year, but I didn’t know that they sell such cute women’s shoes! I couldn’t believe it when we went into the store and saw the variety of women’s offerings – and the prices. I’ve been wearing UGGs for many years and have started to feel that they are heavy (and yes, a bit clunky) and that it might be time for something new. And voila! The variety and prices were amazing and I’m loving my new boots that were a fraction of the cost of UGGs.

3. Say It! card game My aunt always finds the best books and games for my kids, and this one really rises to the top of the pile. It’s a playful and imaginative game where you have two sets of cards and when you read them together they create a sentence. Here are a few examples.

The English teacher in me is loving this idea for the classroom! You’d have to take out some of the cards that can create serious giggles but it could be used for creative writing assignments, vocabulary development, creative expression projects, etc. As a parent, I’ve been using it to expand my kids’ imagination and creativity. We haven’t actually played it as a card game; rather during down time in the house, I’ve been reading sentences to the kids and they’ve loved coming up with answers and ideas. It’s great fun.

4. Exploding Kittens Little did I know when my nephew brought this to play with us in LA that it’s selling like wildfire all over the internet. So, I probably don’t have to say much here. The kids loved playing it and were laughing and hooting the whole time. Fun for everyone!

For easy searching if anyone wants to buy and enjoy. Let me know if you have other great finds!

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