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My Boys, the Fashionistas

A few months ago, Josh read an article about “The most popular dress on Amazon.”  The title caught his eye because it was super weird – Why was a dress going viral? And what did the dress look like? So of course, he had to take a look – and it was actually quite a cute dress! It looked exactly like something I would wear, so he encouraged me to get one. It’s called the R. Vivimos Women’s Long Sleeve Floral Dress.

As you’ll see if you go and check out the dress yourself, there were many colors and designs from which to choose; and that’s where my 17 year old came in. What should Mommy buy? He decided to look through all of the fashions and to decide which color I should get. It was adorable, and I ended up going with his choice.

What a cute dress and the most popular dress on the internet – who would have guessed?

Since there is no frill in my house – no ruffles, no sharing of tights or skirts or color choices – I love when my boys get involved in my fashion decisions. I find it adorable, and perhaps it will come in handy some day when they help their wives shop (in person or online).

While I don’t involve them in my clothing decisions all that often, I do involve them in my nail decisions. In the last few years, I’ve started really enjoying getting gel manicures and for the week before each appointment, I get a little crazy looking for ideas online. Then I share these ideas with the boys and let them go wild commenting.  Yakir (9) tends to lead the pack in these discussions, but some of the other boys enjoy being part of it too. Here are a few of my recent choices:

And of course, we can’t discuss fashion without a mention of the dress-up my boys LOVE to do whenever they are in a department store together (which most often happens when we visit the States). While we were in LA visiting family, we were on our way to Target (obviously). We had to go through a Macy’s Department Store to get to Target and as the elevator doors opened, you could hear one of my boys yelling, “Oh My Gosh.” And these lovely, sparkly, I’m-not-even-sure-there-are-words-to-describe-them suit jackets were there. Rack after rack of them. Well, needless to say, we played dress-up for quite a long time between giggles and struts. I hope they never outgrow it. My fashionista boys.

Looking tough in their dinner jackets.
I think the sandals are the best look of the bunch…

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