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The Dictionary in the Center of the House

One of my friends has been creating poetry modelled after famous poets. We’ve been having a bit of a poetry face-off on Facebook, writing these poems and having fun. I’ll share a few later. The poetry writing sparked an idea to write about one thing from my childhood, and this is what appeared. I hope you enjoy and would love to see poetry that you may write, as well.


He sat in the center of the house on his throne

Like a gold bejeweled king

The stand was wooden, sturdy, tall

Some days he would offer up an adventure,

Explaining the meaning of the word ‘frolic’ or ‘escapade’

Other days he would explain a bit about death

With a word like ‘macabre’

Whatever the question, he always had the answers


He sat in the center of the house on his thrown.

And we always knew he was there to aid in our reading

To answer our questions or to complete a sentence

A small, delicate light illuminating his massive pages

For those cloudy days or stormy nights


He helped us to go on so many adventures


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

And with

Flowers in the Attic

And with

The All of a Kind Family

And on and on and on

He was a constant companion

Building us up and supporting our dreams, our knowledge


Today he would be relegated to one little icon on a phone

Or not, at all

But for us, he was central to the house

Sending the message that

An inquisitive mind

A thirst for knowledge

A love for reading

Took center stage.



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