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Moments in Time

I love my Facebook memories. They often bring back such great moments and funny things that the kids have said and done. Yesterday, however, was a different kind of memory. Four years ago, right before starting the army, my oldest son went skydiving with three friends. I was nervous, of course, and checked in with… Read More Moments in Time

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And He’s Off

My Aliyah baby left the house today for life’s next stage. After graduating high school, it’s time for him to spread his wings a bit and enjoy learning further afield. He thinks, as the third child, that the change is no big deal to us. That we’ve done this already with two others and we… Read More And He’s Off

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Cyprus You Say? Well, Yes, We’ve Got Advice to Offer

I’ve been asked five times in the last week about the trip that we took last summer to Cyprus. I don’t know if there is something in the air…or people are just looking for some creative ideas for this summer…but I realized that I uncharacteristically didn’t write about our adventure last summer. The horror! And,… Read More Cyprus You Say? Well, Yes, We’ve Got Advice to Offer