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Solomon Souza Brings Graffiti Art to Gush Etzion

Just another day here at my office in Gush Etzion…or not at all. Today, Jerusalem U, Micah Smith and Solomon Souza are working on something awesome in the basement of the building where I work. If you’ve been to the Machane Yehuda Shuk in the last number of years at night, then you know that many… Read More Solomon Souza Brings Graffiti Art to Gush Etzion

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A Celebration of Gilads

Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad…Gilad Gilad…Gili This is the number of Gilads that the Shaer family knows have been named in memory of Gil-ad Shaer since his murder along with Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Frenkel in June of 2014. On Friday, Gil-ad’s parents, Ofir and Bat-Galim, joined with the families of these young Gilads in Gush… Read More A Celebration of Gilads

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The Blessings of Being Low on Gas

This first appeared on Israellycool here. You know that you’re living a strange existence, or perhaps a particularly special one, when you end up seeing your need for gas as a blessing. During the summer months I’m particularly pressed for time. The kids’ camps offer only a sliver of time to run to the office,… Read More The Blessings of Being Low on Gas