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Enjoying the Many Wonders of the World

“Let’s go away for your birthday for a few days,” said Josh on Sunday.“I’d love to BUT……”And this is pretty much how all of our conversations that involve spontaneity and out-of-the-ordinary plans start. I have a built in “No” radar to just about everything. I had a million reasons to offer up about why we… Read More Enjoying the Many Wonders of the World

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Kol Hakavod to Vacation!

Last week we had a fantastically wonderful vacation in Zippori. Zippori is a National Park that is filled with archeological finds, amazing mosaics and a rich history of our people.  Next door, Moshav Zippori  is filled with delightful cabins, a goat farm where they produce and sell goat cheese and goat milk,  an exotic bird… Read More Kol Hakavod to Vacation!