Love You Cousin Nancy

Corkies. My first memory of cousin Nancy involves Corky shoes. I was hanging out at Nana Shirley and Papa Jerry’s house and I was in their pool. A bunch of people walked in, and I have absolutely no memory of anything about that day except for how cool my older cousin Nancy was, and how… Read More Love You Cousin Nancy

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1000 Days of Trying

1,000 days. What can you accomplish in 1,000 days? 1,000 days is approximately the time that it takes to go from the beginning of a pregnancy to handling a 2-year-old. It’s the time it takes to develop from a short, awkward 10-year-old to becoming a slightly taller, still awkward bar mitzvah boy. It’s almost enough… Read More 1000 Days of Trying

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War, Again

On Fridays I usually don’t look at my phone much. So, when my soldier called about an hour before Shabbat, I was thrilled to talk to him about mundane things. He was staying on base for Shabbat, as planned the week before, and I had a normal conversation with him, asking about his week. Towards… Read More War, Again