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War, Again

On Fridays I usually don’t look at my phone much. So, when my soldier called about an hour before Shabbat, I was thrilled to talk to him about mundane things. He was staying on base for Shabbat, as planned the week before, and I had a normal conversation with him, asking about his week. Towards… Read More War, Again

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You Got It Right, Sports Illustrated

Today’s series of WhatsApp messages from my traveling husband started with: I have no idea why I just bought the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for my wife. But bought I did, as requested. You might ask: Why, exactly, is a 50-year-old modestly dressed mom requesting only this one thing on her husband’s return from the… Read More You Got It Right, Sports Illustrated

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Why the Newspaper Gives me Goose Bumps

I love that, 17 years later, there are still things that surprise me about our Aliyah; things that still give me goose bumps. I run a lot of errands on Friday mornings, getting our delicious baked goods from Pat Ba’Melach (and chatting with friends and staff), checking the mail (often the only time all week!),… Read More Why the Newspaper Gives me Goose Bumps