Zeli Gets a Move On It

Azriel has broken the mold in our family so far. While all of my other boys were climbing on the kitchen counter by 6 months (literally), Zeli is taking his good ol’ fashioned time doing anything. He’s got one of the sweetest dispositions ever, so I’m forgiving him this laziness. As you’ll see from this video, however, he’s really not lazy just…perhaps not yet coordinated. I had fun filming him bouncing around in his exesaucer. Enjoy!

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  1. Let me guess: Zeli really got boppin’ as soon as you turned the camera off, right? It is Chok shel Murfee (which the Israelis, believe it or not, actually say) that a kid or pet will do the cutest, coolest things — except when we grownups want them to show off. He is so nummy, this kid. (Puh-puh-puh!) May he be fabulously mobile before you know it… and you can drop by for a cup of tea when all of that mobility begins to terrorize you. ;-P

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