Welcome Baby Birdies!

Yesterday, I went to say hello to mama bird (I guess I should have named her by now, huh?) and I thought I saw something poking around under her wings. I spent a few minutes watching her and realized that….her babies had arrived! I was so excited and I tried (tried…I really did) to call the kids over quietly. Ok – anyone who knows my house knows that the word “quietly” is a bit of a joke. So, you guessed it. We scared her off for a few minutes. But, the end result of that was that we got to see the adorable little birds. As Yehuda said, they look more like little ducks right now. They are squishy and little and have soft yellow feathers. They are curled up in little balls and look so adorable.

She seems to be sitting on them all day. Amichai wanted to know if she was squishing them. The kid has a good point. But, I explained that they enjoyed being squished, as they had been in tight quarters for a long time and now wanted to have warmth and comfort. Don’t we all?

This morning, daddy arrived with some yummy worms and they seemed to be having a good time eating. And then, they went back under mommy for some quiet sleep time. Our pictures aren’t the best (we really are trying not to scare her away!) but you get the idea.

Welcome to the world little birdies – we’ll keep you posted on their progress!

Here, in front of the mama, you can see one of the little birds cuddling.

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  1. Sababa! Thanks for inviting us into the nursery for a bird's eye view. I like your answers to your son. You didn't say they are not being squished. Instead, you explained to him that there is another way entirely of looking a the situation — one that he probably related to very well as a tiny "chick."

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