Household Chores & Such

I try my best to keep up with all of the housework and other household maintenance. I’ve got a laundry system, a grocery shopping system, a dirty dishes system, etc. etc. etc. The kids always have something to wear – and our soldier always manages to get back to his base with clean clothes. Yet, there is one item that I absolutely, unequivocally, and passionately WILL NOT do. See if you can figure out what it is from this dialogue:

Josh was in the laundry room last night pulling something out of a box. Here is the conversation he had:

Yehuda: What’s that?
Josh: What?
Yehuda: What’s that thing you have in your hand?
Josh: It’s an iron.
Yehuda: A what?
Josh: (laughing) An iron, Yehuda.
Yehuda: What do you do with it?
Josh: Well, in some houses, you iron clothes with it. In our house, you do art projects and let it get dusty.
Yehuda: Oh – ok… (as if that was a normal answer)…and off he ran.

Gotta love when your kids innocently point out your shortcomings.

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