Anyone who has a child – or who has every known a child – knows that they say really cute things. When they say things that crack me up, or that take my breathe away, I always intend to write them down…but I usually don’t. So, here are two from the last day that I’m writing down.

Yehuda is in charge of taking our recycling to the recycling bin that’s up the street. An inherently lazy (soon to be) 8 year old, he usually doesn’t get around to doing it until the bottles are taking over the pantry. So, before Shabbat yesterday, I told him I’d drive him over to the recycling bin along with other errands I was doing in the rain. Here was our conversation.

Me: Yehuda, you know you’re in charge of the recycling.
Yehuda: I know.
Me: Well, that means that you have to check the pantry each day, see when there is a bag of bottles and take it out.
Yehuda: Yeah, I know.
Me: Ok…then why don’t you?
Yehuda:(Looking at me like I am just as dense as could possibly be) Mom, I’m in charge of the recycling, but that doesn’t mean that I actually DO it.

Today, Amichai and I were reading a book that was intended for early readers. While we were reading, here was our conversation:

Me: You know Amichai, sometime in the future you’ll be able to read this book to me. I’m going to teach you to read English soon.
Amichai: Mommy, I already know how to read it.
Me: Um, you do?
Amichai: Sure, I know how to read it in my heart.

Gotta love the things these kids say. Hope everyone has a great week!

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