Such a Cute Moment

I wrote here recently about how I’m trying to enjoy the brief moments with my kids in the morning on the way to school. Rather than trying to get them into the classrooms as fast as possible, and feeling stressed the whole time, I’m trying to enjoy their cute little hugs and walk them into class patiently.

Today was such a great reminder of how fast our kids grow. Every day, Amichai (5) and Eliav (3) escort Zeli to daycare with me. We then bring Eliav to his class, where he always gives me a huge hug and kiss. Then, I walk Amichai to class (or I bargain with him that he can walk alone and I escort him part of the way).

So, today, when we left Eliav, Amichai said, “Ew! Gross!” as Eliav kissed me goodbye. “Ew, gross?” I said to him in response. He’s never said anything like that before and I was shocked! My heart fluttered – was this it? Was he really growing so fast that the hug and kiss days before school were over?

I was curious to see what would happen as I brought him to his class. I convinced him today to go down the stairs and part of the way to class by himself. So, as we parted, I could see his mind in conflict. Should he give me a hug in public? Should he just walk away? It was such a cute moment – but one that definitely reminded me how quickly they are growing!

So, after giggling and sort of dancing around, Amichai gave me a bear hug, but not a kiss, and skipped off to school.

Hugs and kisses from our kids are fleeting – we’ve got to grab them while we can.

Another lesson learned today by a busy mom juggling it all.

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  1. And then there are the boys who don't stop hugging and kissing their parents. Noah just turned 22. Whenever he sees us, we always get a hug and a kiss – and again when he leaves. And that was the case, as far as I can recall, even during his teen years. Just lucky, I guess!

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