Big Astronauts

Matan and Yehuda recently discovered an old copy of the Tom Hanks movie, Apollo 13. My dad sent it to us years ago and we never got around to watching it. So, they dusted it off last night and started watching it. Boy, did they have questions. Why didn’t one of the astronauts get to go? What’s it like going to space? Which part did Papa Jack help to create when he worked for NASA? and on and on and on….

Yehuda had obviously been thinking about the movie a lot today, because he declared at dinner that he knew that at least one of the astronauts survived.

“Really,” I said, curious to see what he would say, “How do you know?”

“Well,” he explained, methodically, “I recognize one of the astronauts from the movie, Big, so I know he must have survived.”

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