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Believing in Miracles

Should you happen to see me on the street these days and to ask how I’m doing, here is my answer:

This is Rivka Frankl.

The same Rivka whose mother was told five months ago, as we sat in the oncologist’s office in Jerusalem, that she had inoperable, late stage stomach cancer.

The same Rivka whose mother was told that there was really no hope – and no way out. They would work to manage the cancer and the pain, but they couldn’t cure it.

This is the same Rivka whose mother has been enduring chemotherapy every three weeks and all of the side effects that come with it, trying to fight to save her life.

It’s hard to believe in miracles.

It’s hard to believe that a cancer patient, facing virtually no chance of having the surgery that would save her life, is now being told that the surgery is soon.

The surgery has a date, a time and a place. It’s real and actually happening.

The battle isn’t over; there are still many hurdles to overcome and much for Stella to endure.

But, there is a scheduled surgery that had been deemed completely unattainable and hope for a cure that was not possible.

So, if you wonder how I’m doing or if I believe in miracles, just take a look at this picture…and smile with me…and continue to pray for more miracles for Tzuriya Kochevet bat Sara.

So that Rivka will give us another one of these pictures with her mother at her side this May at her bat mitzvah…and next November during the Chodesh Irgun ceremony…and again in a decade at her wedding…and again when her own daughter starts B’nei Akiva…and beyond.

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