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Putting Our Best Foot (Hand) Forward for Hanukah

Hanukah is almost here. And that means that it’s time for a crazy and creative art project. At the grade school where all of the boys go/have gone, they do a competition each year for the most creative Hanukiot (candle holders for Hanukah). I don’t actually know if there are prizes, or if they just invite the kids to create interesting designs. 

So Amichai, all on his own, created a Play Mobile Hanukiah. It’s quite cute and we delivered it to school today. It’s supposed to show the Maccabees holding up the candles – and notice the elephant as the Shamash (the one that lights all of them).

Eliav had an idea to do something with hand prints, and we tossed and turned the idea around for awhile – and then we got started. We had each person in the family put their hand print on a page and then Eliav put his foot down as well for the Shamash. Here we are being crazy in the house and enjoying the process:

The best one might be the video of Josh getting Eliav’s foot ready. Watch even just a few seconds to get the giggles.

Eliav wanted to call it a family Menorah, but we realized that Matan won’t be home before he has to turn in the assignment. What to do? Well, it just so happened that Josh was driving down Thursday for the weekly father-son learning…so he showed up with the Menorah in progress, paint and a paint brush. And they stood in the Yeshiva parking lot smearing pink paint all over Matan’s hand. Yes, Matan thought we were absolutely insane as he laughed and left his mark on the page.

Anything for the love of artistic expression.

And here….drum roll please…is the final creation.

Hanukah Sameach from our family to yours. May it be a magical holiday of light and peace for all of us.
Romi Sussman
Neve Daniel

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