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It Takes an International Village

Josh arrived home from his last work trip to the States with a few goodies for each kid. For Yakir, he secured an adorable squishy El Al plane toy. It was one of the promotional pieces that El Al had on display at the Nefesh B’Nefesh fair that Josh coordinated and at the end of the night the woman staffing the table invited the Nefesh staff to take things home to their kids. 

Here is what the plane looked like…
Yakir loved it and started sleeping with it. Within a few days, however, the wings had fallen off (maybe they weren’t made for sleeping with? perhaps?).

Yakir was inconsolable. The tears started to flow and his mouth opened into a full throttle scream. Josh promised that he would see what he could do, and he immediately emailed the colleagues that he had at El Al.

“Oh no!” they replied. “This is a full-out crisis. We will see what we can do.”

The answer came back that the planes were apparently gone. The stock was finished. But she (jokingly?) promised to steal one off of her co-worker’s desk when she wasn’t looking and to see what else she could send along.

And today, a package arrived for Yakir. Well, to be accurate, the package actually made Aliyah on the Nefesh B’Nefesh group flight that landed today.

And the package is definitely going to make one little boy happy.

Here was today’s delivery!

And it did.

One happy boy with his gifts!

Thanks El Al! You certainly got this one right!

And sometimes it does take an international village to please one little guy.

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