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Was the Marriage Really a Lie?

As many of you know, I love to read. I’m always interested in book suggestions and love hearing what everyone is reading. A number of years ago, I discovered Cathy Lamb’s quirky and playful writing style and found her to be very accessible on Facebook. I felt like I’d made it the first time that I wrote to her and she actually wrote back!

A year or so ago, she started a Facebook group with another five writers called Readers Coffeehouse. It has almost 10,000 members and is a great place to hear about book suggestions and to gain insights from professional writers about their habits and paths. It’s also fun to interact with authors who make themselves so accessible and engaged with their readers.

The founding authors include Cathy Lamb, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Barbara Claypole White, Laura Drake, Steena Holmes and Kimberly Belle. I’ve enjoyed most of Cathy Lamb’s books (clearly) and I love Catherine Ryan Hyde’s books. I’ve also read a few of Barbara Claypole White’s. I realized, however, that I hadn’t read anything from the other writers. Laura Drake’s books don’t look like my cup of tea (sorry Laura!), so that left two more authors that I wanted to get to know.

I’m really not a mystery reader, but I figured that I would give one of Kimberly Belle’s books a try. Wow, was I happy that I did! I read The Marriage Lie, and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve since picked up The Last Breath.

The Marriage Lie kept me on the edge of my seat. I don’t like to summarize books (since you can find that on Amazon or Goodreads) or reveal too many details (or what would be the fun of reading it?) but this was a real adventure. It’s the kind of book that you finish and then beg a friend to read because you HAVE to discuss it with someone. It would be a great book for a book group. Yes, there are some implausible plot twists and rushed sections near the end, but it was still a page-turner and a fun ride.

Let me know if you read or have already read The Marriage Lie and let’s chat about it!

Come and join the Readers Coffeehouse as well. It’s an interesting and happy place on Facebook – a rare find these days!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Was the Marriage Really a Lie?

  1. Double wow – I’m so thrilled to have found this post! Thanks for hanging out with us at Readers Coffeehouse, and thanks for taking a chance on my books. I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed The Marriage Lie, hope you love The Last Breath just as much. 🙂

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