Matan, the Karate Kid

Matan finally – and I mean FINALLY – got his yellow belt in karate yesterday. He’s been working on this belt all year and has had trouble when he’s tested for it in the past. The teacher has taught him to try to make his moves more methodical and slower – at the same time that he wants him to show his strength. So, poor Matan seems to have had a difficult time blending those various concepts – and he’s either shown strength or technique when tested, but not both.

On the way to the wedding that we went to this week, we dropped Matan at karate and watched him being tested. I actually had to leave the room because I found the testing so nerve racking and rigorous! I was amazed how poised Matan was while being tested by his black-belt teacher while all of the other kids sat on the floor and watched him. It’s really been amazing to watch his progression in karate and to see how Ari (their teacher) is developing their self confidence, their discipline and their techniques. Way to go Matan!

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