Sometimes Things Work Out…

Things are going very well in the Sussman house right now, Thank Gd. I spent a lot of May and June wondering how I was going to juggle the four kids, the heat, the summer, and the coming baby during July and August. August in Israel is a very rough time for working moms because the kids have no camp. None – nothing. It’s a time when families tend to travel and when working parents somehow get by with their kids running around. So, my fears were all unfounded because Josh ended up being around all of July and now he’s with me for August. He starts a new job September 1 that looks like it will be fantastic for him! And that means that he can enjoy being “Dad” this month – and I can enjoy putting my feet up, napping, having the car around, and having HIM around all month. We worry and sometimes things work out despite our fears and worries…

So, camp ended last week and Josh and the three older boys have really been having a nice time. They went on a hike on Sunday, coming home rosy-cheeked and energized. This was the first time they took Amichai on their hike with them and he was very excited with his own water backpack. Monday we did a lot of cleaning and organizing around the house. And then today we all went to the mall together. The kids got slurpies and had fun looking around the stores. Amichai loves going on the escalator and kept calling it the “alligator”. We took them to lunch and then went to see “Kung Fu Panda” the panda karate movie. It was very cute and the kids loved it.

They keep asking what is on tap for the next day and we’ve explained that we have to take each day as it comes – as we keep hoping the baby will upset our plans! Tomorrow, Josh plans to take them to the Old City and to the Kotel.

We are all really enjoying the time off together and waiting, quite impatiently, for our newest family member to arrive!

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