Bircat HaChama

Today, as we prepare for Pesach and for our Seder, we had an amazing experience. Once every 28 years, the sun is said to be in the exact same position that it was in at the time of creation. You can find out more about this fascinating event here: http://www.kehillaton.com/en/articles_birkat_hachama.asp?c=1

We explained to the older boys that they would be participating in something very unique today, and we had fun last night calculating how old they would be next time that they recite this blessing, and then next time, etc. Josh woke them before six this morning to head to synagogue. When the sun came up, everyone went outside, looked up at the sun and recited the special blessing and sang festive songs. Josh even bought shirts for the occasion, as you can see in the pictures! Our first one is of us burning the chametz and the second two are of the boys in their Bircat HaChama shirts.

We had a bris to go to as well this morning, and on our way into Jerusalem it was amazing to see hundreds of people congregating at their various synagogue courtyards reciting this blessing!

What a great way to prepare for Pesach! Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday.

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